Blackbird Creek Outfitters

Specializing in providing great hunting experiences.

About Blackbird Creek Outfitters

700+ acres of prime hunting ground located in Putnam County; North Central part of Missouri near the Iowa line.

Putnam County is known for its rolling hills, timerbered areas, and crop ground.

Here you will find quality mature whitetail bucks and big eastern birds. A tom can weigh as much as 30 pounds with a harvest average of 22-26 pounds.

Hunting permits are available over the counter or online for both deer and turkey.

Joe Ream has hunted in Putnam County for over 40 years. His experience also includes 20 years of being a Boone and Crockett, and Pope and Young measurer in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri

Hunting properties are seperate giving you a chance to hunt different deer and turkeys. Joe limits the amount of hunters each month in order to create an exclusive experience.

Hunting Seasons


End of April - Beginning of May

Deer - Bow

September 15th - January 15th

Deer - Rifle

Mid November

Deer - Muzzleloader

Late December

**Turkey hunters are limited to one bird in the first week and two birds the last two weeks of the season. One bird per day.


Hunt Duration Timeframe Price
Turkey 3 Days April - May $650
Deer (Bow) 5 Days September - January $2250
Deer (Rifle) 5 Days November $2500
Deer (Muzzleloader) 5 Days December $2250

5 nights of lodging is included
50% down payment is required when booking
Please call or e-mail for more information


Please call or email Joe to book a hunt or to ask any questions you may have.